Sesame Seed

Sesame is processed directly for food and oil extracts, but it is also sold in various stages of processing; and for various uses, such as meal, paste, confections, and bakery products.

Elephant Group has been in sesame seed export business for over 4 years. Its high quality sesame seed is sourced from middle belt and northern parts of Nigeria. We have enjoyed patronage from India, China and Vietnam

Sesame Seed Quality Parameters

Cleanliness: Minimum 98%

Oil content: Minimum 51% 

Moisture content: < 6%

Admixture: < 2%

FFA: 1%

Foreign matter: 1% maximum

Other colour of seeds: 2% maximum

Packaging: 50kg net

Colour: White

Lets know your specification, we can meet your demand all year round.

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