Business Model 

Elephant commenced business as a trading business in 1995 trading in products like timber, cocoa and cashew and has grown to become a major force in the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

As an agri-business company, we are engaged in production and sourcing, primary processing, exporting, shipping and logistics, importing and distribution, marketing, including value-added solutions and services, and managing the risks at each stage of the supply chain.  

Agro Products Distribution

Over the years we have evolved from a single country, single product trader to a multi-country, multi-product global agri-business. The key to our strong core business is a performance-based repeatable and scalable model that allows us to continue to grow naturally and we are climbing to a whole new height.

Our supply network for agro products covers the 36 States of Nigeria and to West African Countries

Product Sourcing and Offtaking

Elephant is strenghtening offtaking seasonal commodities which could get very cheap during the harvest season but get expensive and unaffordable when it’s off season.


The price fluctuation of these essential commodities creates a lot of imbalance in consumption as well as production as industrial users are hugely impacted negatively. Elephant seeks to close this gap by offtaking, aggregating, warehousing and distributing the products as required.  Products such as soya, maize, sesame, cashew fall under our trade strategy

Agro Exports

Elephant exports food  crops to other West African countries and beyond during harvest season as the level of harvest creates a supply which far exceeds local demand. Thus Elephant steps in by exporting the products thereby ensuring that prices remain relatively stable and farmers get good returns on their products.



Backward Integration Programme

The programme drives local production and processing of food products. Green field projects and brown field project are embarked upon to ensure good success. This is in line with new government policy and direction concerning agriculture industry.

Business Strategy

  • We seek to eradicate wastage in the Nigerian agriculture value chain
  • We seek to empower Nigerian youths and women to maximize the opportunities in the industry
  • We seek ensure production is always geared towards local, industrial and export demands accross our commodities
  • To be a major player in reducing forex demand for commodities that can be locally sourced or produce
  • To be the farmers friend despite changing business terrain and climate change
  • To be the preferred and the most respected choice in Agro Industry in Africa