Out-Growers Scheme

Elephant out-growers scheme is developed to boost existing farmers production, we work with existing farmers to grow a better variety, increase their yield and have a guarantee buyer / off-taker.

For Elephant group, these has helped to guarantee quality input-supply to our various mills and processing centers while enriching the farmers.

Our out-grower scheme covers:

Rice Out-Growers Scheme

Our target is to generate an annual supply of 40,000 metric tons of paddy with 40,000 farmers enlisted for the out-growers scheme on a 10,000 Ha of land. States targeted include Bayelsa, Ebonyi, Rivers, Delta, Edo, AkwaIbom, and Cross River States of Nigeria.

In Niger State we have a sizeable arable land for paddy rice cultivation. This makes it a very good investment for Elephant as maximum efficiency can be achieved in the state. We are set to cultivate 5,000 Ha in the Elephant/Niger state partnership. This scheme has enjoyed tremedous success

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Cassava Out-Grower Scheme

The out-growers programs are in Lanlate, Oyo state and in Edo state. It is an empowerment project that create lots of job for farm families directly and in-directly

The farmers are supplied with Cassava cuttings / stems and other needed inputs for the cultivation. They are trained in good agronomic practices and monitored that they adhere to the good agronomic practices. The Cassava tubers equivalent to the total amount of inputs supplied are collected from the farmers, after which more tubers are bought from the farmers participating in the out-growers scheme and processed at the mills.

In Lanlate we have about 250 farmers cultivating about 500 Ha, while in Edo state we have over 500 farmers cultivating about 1000 Ha in 3 senatorial areas of the state.